"Janice is the most talented shaman I have ever encountered. In our sessions she is able to sense my personal "felt" experience as fast as I do, sometimes speaking the words,sensations, or emotions as I feel them. I feel like I am supported and accompanied on a great personal journey by someone powerful, neutral, kind, safe, wise, protective...embodying all the great qualities of a successful healer and soul friend. Although I sense her very much with me during a session, she leaves as soon as our work together is over, never entering my psychic field/experience uninvited. She is trustworthy and honoring without fail. I have a lot of love, respect, admiration, and gratitude for her abilities, as well as for her great heart! She is a pleasure and joy to work with- I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is willing to grow past prolonged hurts and traps, and find their way to sincere fulfillment in life".   ~A.P. , Moorpark, CA   - Long Distance Telephone Client. 
Transformative & Restorative For Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul

Improve your life and relationships using Energy and Chakra Healing

Alchemy Energy Healing* Bodywork * Massage Therapy

CAMTC #10229 
California State Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist

Chakra Energy Healing & Reiki Master  

"The power is always within you!!" 
Why would we say that?  What does that mean?

Focus and Clarity?
Create new awareness, bring feelings and needs into conscious mind 
from the hidden or unconscious.  Allow Janice to guide you through shifting  the subconscious mind who is your the servant that helps you create your reality and relationships to work in more harmony. 

  Learn what you are feeding as a story from your thoughts, 
words, and emotions, then stop the story, and 
create a new story you really want to experience.

This alchemy healing process is natural that Janice will work with you to shift your energy is a potent process to balance and bring the body, mind, spirit and soul in to alignment and balance because it goes into the cellular structures where you hold the story, called "Cellular Memory."

She connects with her clients through her intuitive senses which can be a  mirrored perception that elevates the client with suggested insights found in their energetic fields.

How can she help you? 
What keeps you blocked? Stressed? Anxious? Stumbling in Relationships?
Results are possible and unlimited when you begin to clear the blocks, the blame, the anger, the rage and the unforgiveness.  It is all energy and the negative (shadows we also call them) are heavy and they are usually brought up out of fear or from the past those patterns may have actually supported and protected you.  But in time, they start pushing up and the pain starts again in a new relationship, something will trigger it.  

Janice specializes in communicating with you on how to work with your own internal guidance (GPS) you were born with.   Ideally, if we were encouraged to be our 'true selves" and remember our "true authentic self",  Janice would be assigned to another mission instead.   Yes, her mission is to help you remember your true magic, real self and live in your divine power. She holds the light for you in support while you are acknowledging your own radiant divine light.  She has a lazer like quality that will narrow into the depth of that to assist you to release it. 

A session is customized for each individual.  
No session is the same if you have one session at a time or choose to commit to work with Janice in her 90 day because healing comes in layers. 

The result is to create peace and harmony in all areas of your life.  
How does she do that?

Over many years she has been in practice since 1995, and on her own spiritual path. Since she was 13 years old finding herself in a church that taught metaphysical healing and mind/body connections to God. 

Janice has witnessed incredible and profound spiritual healing in her own life and the lives of her clients and students.  Janice works with those who want to move past an area they feel stuck in.  

She gives credit to God/Goddess, and the angels, the courage and openness of her beloved clients and students who are synergistically working with her to create the transformations in their relationships with self and others.

She is psychic and can navigate through multiple dimension while observing her clients energy and story.  Her gift is not to look at your future like a fortune teller, her gift to you is to help you shift what is blocking you from receiving what you want and manifesting the dreams you hold dear in your heart, change the patterns.  However, she will always remind you that you 
are the co-creator of your life and relationships.   She mentors and teaches you where your leaking your power to commit or take responsibility, or maybe you are taking on too much responsibility from others.   Either way, she will zoom right into with her Horus hawk-like insight she receives.   She will share the powerful metaphysical tools she has learned that clear energy 
and how to feel your own energy again. 

​Besides doing healing work with her clients, she moves energy out that is no longer for their highest good that will support them to move forward and let something even better come in.   

If you notice you are someone who is sensitive to other people energies and environment then contact Janice who inspires to empower her clients to learn simple tools that they can use when things come up and they can get into balance themselves.  Since she can't be with them 24 hours they must learn how to do it on their own.  Learn how to live your own magical life, by using the innate tools you have available. 

 Janice is a healer, a transmitter of energy to catalyst change, yes she could give future news, but that is not empowering,   Learn how to be empowered and learn how your choices are what makes your life, every thing is subject to change in your life by your own choices, your thoughts and emotions. 

Janice clients, ideally, are those that want to learn more on how to work with their gifts they do have.  You don't have to be a outwardly working with them, but Janice is a safe space for you to finally have someone who understand you in a way not one else has.  We all need assistance sometimes.   Janice works with her life coaching on many different areas of their lives.  Relationships, health, career, energy awarness etc. 

Currently, we are experiencing a huge earth awakening and many of her clients come to her for the assistance in balancing their energy systems, she can provide information from reading energy fields, clearing chakras, updating their energy awareness with new tools they can use to navigate this incredibly magical time.  People feel lost, but not really lost, just not use to what the changes they are experiencing.  Janice is a master of rebalancing her clients through her Intuitive guidance and spiritual healing sessions.  She does have a unique ability and skill of being able to do body work and massage along  with the healing work.  

Spiritual healing is one of the most effective modes for self-transformation we have.  It is potent and natural too.  You are an unlimited being with unlimited potential, when believe in your power within you to create the life of your dreams. However what stops us from that is imprinting, ancestrial and soul contracts, conscious or unconsious beliefs, 

Harmonize personal and professional relationships?
With Spiritual Life Coaching and Energetic Healing

The secret is to use your power to direct your life in the way of your highest self. For eons it was never taught to use for good. 
 Did you know you have been misusing your power?  
Or you have been having power leaks?  
Now you have a choice.

​Janice Sapphire Melvin shares her wisdom to create empowered relationships and self-healing with her clients.  
She guides and coaches you through them like a warm friend and giving sister. Introducing to you a new perspective shifting your mindset, and clear any blocks that are holding you back from your happiness.  

Like fine-tuned athletes we can shift our life experiences when have the right mindset to be a winner, experience harmonious partnerships relationships and create wealth and success.

Enjoy new ways of focusing on daily elements of life, such as goal setting habits and skills. Janice integrates life coaching principals, and her ability to connect with many spiritual beliefs, she honors your own soul's path because she can read it, sees your beliefs in your energy and feels it too. 

By inquiring into your energy and emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing, she is exceptional at helping clients release blockages that keep them from moving forward.  

 Wouldn't you love to understand how to utilize your own intuition skills more and develop the strength and courage that they provide you to open many doors and infinite possibilities?  

 Janice provides guidance to those at a crossroads and will utilize her synergy with the client in utilizing healing modalities to create the change you need.

However, most importantly is to understand that you are the only one who can make the lasting changes in your life. 
You are and always will be, in control of your own life.  
You are a co-creator that is the
 truth of the Universal law of our existence.  

​Call today. 805-904-0177 
Leave message, please include your name, phone number, best time to call and a little about what service your requesting  
email me. 

Spanish Speaking Clients have worked with Janice successfully with an interpretor and they received healing benefits too. 


Janice Sapphire, Empowerment Life Coaching, Energy Healer Master, Chakra Clearing, 
Psychic Guidance Visionary, Massage Therapist, Bodyworker, Reiki Master/Teacher, 
Angelic Healer and Medium Guide, Goddess Priestess, Goddesswise Wisdom,
Psychic Anatomy Healing and Teacher, Celtic Shamaness 
San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Lompoc, Nipomo, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, Lompoc, Solvang, Buellton, 
Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Atascadero, Morro Bay, Paso Robles 

Phone: (805) 904-0177 PST   Email Me: wellbeingdiva@gmail.com   
Phone sessions and weekend appointments available
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Testimonial:   Janice is a very kind person and easy to talk with. Her down to earth personality sets you at ease and allows you to concentrate on healing. After a session with Janice you feel relaxed and much more balanced.    
L.A. - Lompoc, CA 
Medical Disclaimer

    You are responsible for your own mental, emotional and physical health.  While Janice Sapphire can work with you and your doctor on any health issues as the Doctor would monitor with you.  Janice Melvin AKA Janice Sapphire is alternative and complimentary health professional, that will assist you to enhance your natural healing. and will happily work with your health care practitioner when requested.   Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Life Coaching, Reiki and Massage sessions, in addition to, the classes and workshops offered do not replace medical or psychological treatments. The healing modalities, beliefs and opinions on this site assist the spiritual development of body, mind and soul connections, ultimately, you are responsible for your health. No medical advise is given and no promises are made regarding the healing or cure of any conditions.

    Janice Sapphire (Melvin), www.Divine Wellbeing Mastery.com, Psychic Anatomy Visionary and Wellness Workshops are not liable or accountable for any misuse of information provided herein. Janice Melvin AKA Janice Sapphire is a Master Energy Healer Therapist, Spiritual  Life Coach, Spiritual Guide and Advisor, Teacher, Angelic and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and California State Certified Massage Therapist.. She is neither a medical doctor nor a licensed medical healthcare provider.  All clients seeking treatment do so with full awareness and complete understanding of the above information and you are responsible for your own health.   Contact your Doctor for any medical conditions or treatments that you need to maintain your health and wellbeing. 

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"Janice is a loving and caring healer. She helped me work through so many years of hurt and heartache. She helped me to work out the chaos that I was never able to work out on my own. She is very wise, patient and her energy work helped me change my life for the better.  She brought peace, love, light, and calm to my troubled and broken heart.  She helped me become a strong person and to love and accept myself. I am so grateful for Janice for helping me become a better person. I feel a spiritual connection with her that is truly special. LU, Nipomo, CA. 
Help for the Military Veterans!

Janice is offering a new online support class of her work for those who wish experience the power of Shaman and Energy Healing. 

Janice would like to help with the service she does best.

Many of the services hat our brave men and women need to recovery from the Post Traumatic Stress of being or even relationship issues that are common with such a long distance deployment.  Janice is happy to work in cooperation with your doctor, counselor, and or mental health professional. It takes a team.  

She is forming a video online group for those who have tried to get help for this PTSD but haven't felt they have received something that has helped them. With online she will be available to those who live out of the area and also out of the comfort of your own home. 

​Janice is no stranger to the military, while she never lived on a base she does have a recently retire US Army fiance she has been with for 3 years. They will be getting married and making it final in the very near future. 

This gave her the other side of what the loved ones go though as well that support those on duty go through. 

She feels very happy and lucky to have  him.  A most unlikely relationship she ever thought she would have.  In addition to her own knowledge of how PTSD works she had it following victim of violence in 1990. 

Janice had her own healing journey of recovery that lead he to where she is today by growing spiritually and her gifts of healing become strong. She owes her soldier who she is proud of and grateful for helping her at times cope with the long distance and stress of him being deployed. 

Janice is a Shaman Energy Healer and as you can read from her testimonials she has helped her clients work through some tough issues.  you can find Janice experience with Veterans working on them with bodywork on the Massage and bodwork Page

by donations 
Wellbeing Diva
"The power is always within you!" 
Transformative & Restorative For Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul

Improve your life and relationship using Energy and Chakra Healing
Bodywork *  Alchemy Energy Healing * Massage Therapy
Chakra Energy Healing Master,  Spirit & Soul Contracts Guide

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