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Psychic Anatomy Healing Therapist and Teacher, Celtic Shamaness 
San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Lompoc, Nipomo, Paso Robles, Santa Barbara
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Testimonial:   Janice is a very kind person and easy to talk with. Her down to earth personality sets you at ease and allows you to concentrate on healing. After a session with Janice you feel relaxed and much more balanced.    
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Medical Disclaimer

    You are responsible for your own mental, emotional and physical health.  Energy Healing, Reiki and Massage sessions, in addition to, the classes and workshops offered do not replace medical or psychological treatments. The healing modalities, beliefs and opinons on this site assist the spiritual development of body,mind and soul connections. No medical advise is given and no promises are made regarding the healing or cure of any conditions.

    Janice Melvin, www.Divine Wellbeing Mastery.com and  Full Spectrum Healing Bodywork. Divine Wellbeing Mastery, Psychic Anatomy Visionary and Wellness Workshops are not liable or accountable for any misuse of information provided herein. Janice Melvin is a Master Energy Healer Therapist, Chakra Expert, Teacher, Angelic and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher and California State Certified Massage Therapist.. She is neither a medical doctor nor a licensed medical healthcare provider. All clients seeking treatment do so with full awareness and complete understanding of the above information and you are responsible for your own health. 

Spiritual Coach, Life Enricher 
Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive
Chakra/Aura Energy Clearing and Balancing
California State Certified Massage Therapist #10229
Transforming the Inner Goddess with Divine Feminine Energy
 Angel Celtic Shamana and Merlin Vibration Healing
Goddess Priestess and Earth Medicine New World Rituals
Angelic and Usui Reiki Master Teacher

GODDESSWISE, Nurture Your Awakening Power 
I love being connected the Divine Mother/Divine Feminine 
in this new world terrain. Yes, our world is changing, you already feel it, or  you wouldn't be looking at my site if you weren't beginning to notice your heightened awareness, intuition, dreams, altered states etc. Maybe you feel like your not yourself, not sure who you are, but something inside you is calling to you. That call i your Soul/Divine Essence ready for you. 
Living my lift connecting with the Goddess has changed my life for the better, I must say, I feel more love in my life.  Why would that be different from my God/Christian upbringing. I am more connected to the real me and connected to the planet of Goddess Gaia, Mother Earth. She is the one we live upon and I am feeling that connection within me, alive as the plants and the trees she gives her love and support too. I know within all women and men, they are beginning to feel the Awakening of the Divine Feminine calling to transform and reconnect with.  If you are feeling that, then you are at the right place to get support.  
Women's Sacred Circles and Gatherings, Life Coaching
Empowerment Support through Awakening the Divine of you!
Drumming, Dancing, Singing, Intuition, Healing,
Dragons, Angels, Ascended Masters
Old myths and lineages healed and transformed by fully learning to honor and love and heal ourselves, from the inside out. 
(non-sexual and fully-clothed) 
But we never forget our flirt! 
We share Goddess Wisdom Light through the transformation in the shifting of light and love of the New energy of Goddess, Divine Feminine is awakened and ascending with our earth changes. Our physical bodies are changing too. 

Spiritual Coach, Life Enricher, 
Divine Feminine/Goddess Wisdom
Goddess Priestess and Angelic Celtic Shamana
Empowerment with Self through Energy Healing 

Goddesswise, you can learn to live with Goddess wisdom on a daily basis.  
Have you forgotten the strength of the woman in you? 
Do you want to feel yourself sexy and divine?

When you connect with Goddess, a day is filled with many blessings of love and joy. And let me say, that if you connect with Love and Joy from the Source of whoever you believe in, you will feel blessed in all that is in your life.  
I longed for the wisdom long forgotten from my Celtic Ancestors, I am reawakening ut with love and joy, healing the eons of darkness and negative experiences that have been associated because of ignorance and fears.  Now we are bringing light and love to its healing the past, we can stop the cycle, heal the family lineage of our ancestors who have experienced pain and suffering.    Goddess Wisdom is ancient, has always been  here, but subdued.   Now we can gain from our connection with this Divine Feminine energy from Mother Earth to Cosmic Universe to truly feel Her inspiration and passion of powerful support. Even She is awakening and growing, but the unconditionally love we now feel in our everyday world is increasing and is being felt in the hearts of many all over the world. 

 Each person has their individual journey with Goddess.  Learning how to connect, it sometimes scary, because we must heal the myths we have been taught from the eons to repress this feminine strength and power. 
As wish to find your mentors, I can guide and support you to how to truly let Goddess support you, you will drawn to work many goddesses that can teach you about their aspects that you may need in your daily life. We connect with the sacred and ancient of the Goddess, but the old myths of darkness and badness is gone, you will notice how much fuller life feels. All women embody the Goddess aspects.  
These circles support changes to help individuals uncover your own unique connection to your inner self, inner God/dess and the empowered Inner Goddess within that is one's Divine self.  I am of the New Light Teachings of Goddess.  I come from working with the Angel realms.   My own journey has brought me back to the Divine Mother. 

.Janice will help support your Divine-Mastery to self blossoming with your deep inner wisdom. Janice shares her own experience of working with Goddess, along with her years of healing techniques that can access and shift energy quickly. Janice shares Divine Feminine wisdom with guided meditation, intuitive guidance support, energetic healing tools, oracle cards and much more. 
You will love the empowerment, renewed strength and joy 
you will come away with! 

Who is Goddess and how Does this energy empower your life? 
Divine Feminine energy is one of the natural energies of our Earth Mother.
Our physical bodies are made up of the same elements of fire, water, earth and air.  We experience the changes in the seasons, just as nature does. Mother Earth, Goddess Gaia, is our home, and She supports us with the fresh air, the water, the ground that is our foundation and we walk upon.

When we are more in tune with our true nature and nature itself, we open up our intuition and heal our bodies and relationships with others in the most profound ways.   
Goddess opens up your world into new joy and love.  
Many transformations are part of the experience.  

​Can Goddess blend with other religious or spiritual beliefs? 
Yes.  First off, one must be willing to be their authentic self. that means your authentic self is made up of diversity.  So how can one thing be right for everyone.  Can you be open minded to the nature of which we live and our environment.  Goddess Wisdom is to honor a part of our innate Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine nature that has been underground from the fears that others had of it.  Every human being is made up of the yin/yang, the feminine/masculine aspects.  When one becomes in harmony within themself of these aspects, you nurture and awaken your inner strength and true authentic self. 
You either feel the connection to Her or you don't and there is no right or wrong way to connect with Her on a personal level.  She still loves you and supports you while you walk on Her green grasses, among the trees, swim in Her waters.  Her Love is always here and part of us.  If you feel guided to connect with Her, then best way is to go out to a place in nature and ask Her, talk to Her and feel Her.  Listen to Her guidance in the winds, feel Her warm embrace from the sun,  and the breath you take from the air.  Enjoy the colors of the rainbows after a fresh and cleansing rainfall.  Honor Her and you are honoring your true deva self. 

Phone Sessions available for Spiritual life Coaching and guidance on how to connect with your inner Goddess.

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​If you have received a gift certificate, found me on yelp, or were recommended by a friend, chiropractor, doctor or client for a massage session, then start here to find out more about my specialties. 

 My bodywork specialty integrates working with clients who need realignment in their physical body from old or current injuries, caused from accidents of any kind to work stress related illness or injury recovery,   

Additionally, I work with clients who have psychic awareness and are intuitively sensitive like me.   Known as a healers' healer, I assist those you would like assistance to utilize their own gifts, enhance the ones you already have and lead you to the inner and higher parts of you that know you better than anyone else.  As a spiritual life coach,  my clients will awaken and learn to trust their own gifts of awareness, learn simple awareness techniques to heal themselves and improve their relationships, which improves their lives,  not only does it empower them it creates positive shifts in every area of their life,  What does this mean? Clients learn to take more empowered responsibility in the how they actual are co-creators in their relationships and all areas of their lives. Once you understand this you become more productive, happier and feel your own soul connection stronger.    

My motto is learn to be your true authentic self, 
You are the Divine Well-Being Master
I encourage you to listen to your own intuition and 
trust your own inner guidance at all times. 
I never force any of my beliefs on anyone.  
Ideally, I hope my clients can feel comfortable with me, 
as I am who I am, I live from my own authentic self, sharing the innate gifts I have been given.  I have utilized these gifts from my life experiences, my years of training with other teachers, and non-physical guides too. My wisdom and insights are gifted to me, from my guides, who are mostly Archangels and Divine Mother Goddess connection, 
and my own inner guidance, ancestors, and spiritual teachers who helped me to remember who I truly am, so I can assist others to remember who they truly are.  We all have a path and purpose. We are never alone, for we have the love of the Universe always supporting us.

Stress reduction key to your health and injury recovery.  
if You understand how you can take charge and actions steps, would you do it to feel better, to feel happier, to feel less pain? 

Stress accumulates and does not go away without making some lifestyle changes. 

The changes most important to make are: 
1) diet and proper nutrition - eat more live foods -stay away from junk foods, sugar and high glycemic carbs.  Learn how to have a balance acidic/alkaline ph balance.
2) exercise - body needs movement - best stress reducing and walking is free, or push yourself a little bit more and start running.  I am loving how much better I feel with movement.  Do fun exercise activities, I belly dance, walk/run, coed soccer just to name a few activities that I love and have added to my healthy lifestyle. 
3) attitude, gratitude and belief - Law of attraction,  Joy, happy, forgiveness, unconditional love at all times with self and others. Our beliefs create our world too. 
What are you believing that mirrors yours? 
4) self-care and nurturing routines - take more bubble baths, salt baths also clear your energy, meditation and a way to have more peace of mind
5) being out in nature, playing and having more fun in life
6) get out of toxic environments and relationships, that includes with yourself.  - What is your Self-talk? What are your dominate thoughts about your life, your relationships?  Negative or positive, you are a co-creator in those relationships. Stop the blame game and know you are the other half of that a relationship, that is the only part you can change, and that change will open up doors.  
7) Changing your dis-ease > learn how to change your perspective that created it.   You are a powerful co-creator.  The body is just telling you something is out of balance that is emotional, mental or spiritual.  Where are you not living life to its fullest? 
8) healthy and clear boundaries with others, know what you want and be firm, focused and clear.  Are you being a victim or being a victory by knowing you have the control of your own thoughts to make those positive changes?
9) Ground yourself to Mother Earth - sometimes dis-ease is due to not being grounded more, resistance to living in a human body. (for real!)  I have worked with many earth angels. Connect to the earth, be one with Her, She is who supports you in this foundation we call life in this body. Your body is made up of the elements we live on this glorious planet called Gaia, water, air, earth and fire.  If you want to learn more about the study of elements, shamanism, oriental medicine and many other alternative medicine modalities will help you understand your connection to this planet we live on call Mother Earth and how it reflect in your physical body that is so magnificently created by Goddess. 

These are common stress related injuries > low back pain, shoulders, neck, wrist pain, legs and feet pain.  Joint pain, insomnia, and many many more dis-eases.  

I have training in over twenty different massage/bodywork techniques and energetic healing modalities.combined   -  make your appointment today!

My rates are reasonable but may be higher than most, However, ongoing clients purchase packages which can reduce those rates.  
Check out my gift Certificates page for special deals that I may have available

My ideal client looks to transform and shift their conscious thoughts and knows a positive attitude is more than just positive thinking, it requires positive actions too.  We all have injuries, traumas, life experiences and illness to work through in our lives, it is in us taking responsibility for our emotions, thoughts and feelings in each moment that will ultimately led you to a greater outcome of health and fitness transformation in the process. 

A willingness to make changes in perceptions from the emotions, understanding the effect of dis-ease will ultimately help to reduce pain and excel the joy, happiness in life.  If we have the power to create dis-ease in our physical bodies, we have the power to transform it and heal it to health and well-being. 
All is good and It begins within.

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