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Balance through the Energy Shifts

by Janice Melvin on 05/15/12

Have you noticed how things feel diferent?  This week alone has been filled with energy shifts.  I have been feeling the energy of the heart, depressed.  Then I find out that we have Venus in Retrograde.  Cosmic occurances have a huge connection to our human daily existance.   So I clear the heart chakra and found I need to clear out the old energy of disappointments of the past, stuck in the heart wall of my regular heart and my soul's heart.  

Many clients complain of feeling ungrounded, which can feel like dizziness, forgetfulness, light headed, lack of concentration.   If you were to say to me you were feeling that way or under the weather, I would first look at your grounding and a need to clear your energetic field.   Its possible you have the flu or a cold coming on, however, by learning how to clear you energy fields and chakra system, you will notice a huge feeling of relief, reduced anxiety, depression etc. because, 9 times out of 10 you are feeling someone elses emotional energy in your energetic field or you need to clear out some of your own emotion out of our own energetic fields.  

I love how my Life has become so happier now that I know how to release energy picked up from others on a daily basis..

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