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Magical times!

by Janice Melvin on 01/11/11

So many wonderful changes in the energy shifts on earth right now. Can you feel the magical flow of it and that has been a long time coming?  I have a high degree of clairaudience and telepathy, so I hear higher realms, especially the angels, since they are my constant companions..   :)  .I was hearing angelic musicak from above my head when the veil was thin two days ago.. I've had that a magical sign for me in the past of something wonderful was coming into my life.  So what is it now? I wonder.. I am excited!!  Two experiences come to mind to share.  -

The first time, I was in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii, it was after a psychic workshop I had been an assisting students at for my clairvoyant teacher. I was sharing a house with 4 other classmates and two of them had left for the mainland immediately after the workshop.. At that workshop we were gifted with learning Ho'o'pono pono from a Native Hawaiian Seer from Kona, Hawaii, a friend of the hosts.  

I was staying a few more days before flying out, so I changed rooms so I could have my own space and room to myself. I wake up one morning with my room filled with angelic music in the ceiling,, I couln't believe I was hearing that.  I had my friend come and listen too, she heard it too, so we looked around for a more logical explanation. We never found one.. Hawaii had many magical experiences for me like that.  Besides my psychic awareness being more alert, it was filled with daily signposts from spiritual guidance for me.

The second experience was even more magical. Upon waking up in the morning on this day in October, I heard it loud angelic singing and music. Okay, I am not so surprised now with this, because I have been working with psychic work now for awhile.  I was meeting 3 close friends for breakfast, and I thought it was a sign that we were coming together for a big day to discuss a project we were doing in Africa.  However, as the day went on, the magic appeared to be something different.  Two of us, went to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in San Luis Obispo, and while we were checking what new books were in the New Age section,  a man walks up to me with a Irish accent and asked me if I knew where Krishnamerti would be.  I told him he would find that in the Eastern section.  Then he says, "You have Archangel Michael with you!"  I said Yes, who are you?..  And this story is long, but I will share some of it.

He came to be a magical angel friend from Ireland, one of my celtic ancestry, who had angelic tools to share with me. Now a good friend, who I will be grateful to for all he has brought into my life, and who I knew from a past life.  Everything about that meeting with him was an angelic magical experience. In fact, I thought he was an angel.  Well, he was close, but he was human!  The view felt altered like I was in a hologram, and everyone around were angels.  I recognize that energy is with us today, it has shifted and it feels so good to have it present again.  As we talked, we had a bubble around us like wings of an angel.. I know it sounds like I was on some drug but I don't drink nor do any drug, never had.  He has become a close friend, and it took me 3 years to actually get to Ireland, A journey I took by myself in 2005 and didn't know anyone but him.  I met many wonderful people and have so much gratitude and heartfelt joy for all of their hospitality. 

My friend GB, took me all around Ireland. I was connecting to my ancestry roots. And since he was metaphysical too, and had psychic awareness, it was great fun talking about those things and experiencing them, and we understood each other. I experienced spirits, ghosts, faeries and magical experiences I will never forget, I felt myself healing from the pastlives and rememberings I had there.  Healing my family's lineage too.  I only had one request for him. to take me to Lough Melvin which is located near Donegal Bay/Sligo County.  Where I asked for forgiveness of my ancestors who may have done something to the Faeries and upon the land.  I was granted blessings after that and the rest of the trip was even more magical, I felt welcomed after that. 

He took me to his teacher for a private workshop from her, of the Angelic Portals and Gateways he had shared and initated to me in America.  And she initiated me with Merlin Healing tools that was guided to her for me, in Mayo County.  My experience in Ireland is going to have to be another blog for later and maybe a book to share..  Today, its about hearing the angels music and what wonderful magical person or experience are they bringing to me.  I have been recently using my gifted knowledge of healing ancestrial lineage working with angels as well.  And the clients who are now being sent to me for this powerful release of their dna and lineage healings are heavenly sent.  I will write later on ancestry lineage healing later.  Healing our ancestry is so important right now for us to healing our present too.  One must be ready and commited to this process, for it is with great reverance to our clans and all they have experienced in the past.   till next time.  Joy, and love of many angel blessings to you.

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