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Help for SAD

by Janice Melvin on 10/31/11

Help for SAD

by Janice Melvin's Full Spectrum Healing Therapy on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 1:29pm on Facebook

If you are one of the many people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), ask your health care provider about using St. John's Wort for the mild depression that is often a symptom of the condition. Not sure its right for you, Be sure you are getting enough Vitamin D, Omega3's and magnesium too. They have been found to help reduce SAD symptoms. too.


There are other ways to cope with SAD.  

  1. Try bright light therapy and get outside midday for at least 20 minutes - a brisk walk in natural light can help, even it there is fog, the walk will actually make a difference. 
  2. Bodywork such as Massage, Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology is very useful to the nervous system, circulation and lymphatic (immune system).  A massage once a week is ideal.  A massage once a month is perfect for who feel they are on a budget and then move up to twice a month.  You will be surprised the benefits massage will have on you, your health and in your life.

Here on the Central Coast we have times when we a marine layer of fog is settled in for several days.  SAD is common here, even I have it at time. 

If you are interested in massage for your SAD, I have mutliple prepaid packages for your budget.   Check them out in the gift certifcates button on the rate/prices page of the website.  Any questions, call or email.  

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