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New Journey for the New Moon

by Janice Melvin on 02/02/11

Today is the New Moon and it also happens to be Candlemas, Earth Ceremony for Celebrating Bridgit, the celtic Goddess...  And on top of that we are being showering from the heavens above with love energy to help us shift through the ascension of our earth planet.... How hard can that be, to be downloaded with Love energy?  Well, as you can see around the world, chaos is happening to break up the old stuck energies, and this love energy is what is assisting.. Whoohoo! hang on for a very interesting ride in the days and months ahead.  Keep a positive outcome to the chaos, there are many hidden treasures to be had in adversity.. Alchemy is about changes and we can't change if we don't break out of the old.  so that is what is happening.. Alchemy.. Today, the new moon is also a good time to write down your intentions for the cycle completes by the full moon.. Writing in Red Ink on Yellow Paper gives it extra energy to bring manifestions of your intentions and goals faster.. I am off to write mine down now... look forward to hearing how many of yours will be manifested..

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