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Janice Sapphire (Melvin) 
Help for the Military Veterans with PSTD!

Janice is now office online support class or individually to guide for those who wish experience the power of 
Healing Energy and Spiritual Life Coaching for PTSD. 

 How can this benefit you?   The experience that caused the PTSD has been imprinted into the body's cellular memory and energetic field. 
The wounds are deep within the mental and emotional realm.  
 A typical technique is collecting the soul fragments and emotions left behind in locations when the experience occured and clearing out other peoples energy stuck in your own. 
This is what people can feel when walking through a old home or old ancient lands with much history of wars. The imprints are left behind.
People leave their energy all over the place.  Example you might notice you were feeling great and then walked down the street and began to feel angry or sad.  These are emotional imprints left by people who were there before you.  Negative energy is heavy and it sits like a dark cloud or sludge where someone threw it off.   Another example are crowd gatherings, it is the energy that the person unable to handle that mixture of energy who will not want to be there.  The tools she can teach can give you a way to make you environment feel more safe and peaceful. Yes you do have control of moving energy.  Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be changed and transformed into something lighter. 
PTSD has physiological affect on you, your perception becomes acute and hyperalert to perceived dangers or too much stimulation.  
The adrenals are given the alert of fight or flight for you to respond. 
Janice has been sharing these tools with clients for years. 

You might wonder how she learned these tools. Janice had her own traumatic experience in 1990 in which she had to heal and recovery from PTSD.   Her awareness was already high from being an empathic person and she learned at a early age about mind body healing from her metaphysical Christian Church starting at the age of 13 years old.  
Because of having a spiritual understanding of how to shift the perception to see God's gift that is always present in all human experiences.  She being to realize she was now on the Heroine's Journey of Life. 
The Hero's Journey is what we are all living, and it is the outline guide of successful scripts for movies that move us through the story filled with triumps and failures, happiness and heartache.   
She was lead along the way just like on a hero's journey only 
she was a heroine. 
Heroines have a little twist to the outline compared to the hero.   

She learned basic and advance energy healing tools of the Berkley Psychic Method of Psychic Development from a program and teacher who taught Start Healing Now. She graduated from the 3 year program and became very adapt at using these tools and then developing more along the path through guidance.  Commited to a daily basis of clearing out chakras and meditation, moving and transforming energy, to continue to be empowered and utilize it in her life daily. Healer heal thyself first. 
These tools help you with self healing and self empowerment.  They are not taught in 101 School of life courses.  However, everyone has the ability to awaken their own gifts of intuition.  We use it all the time. Our physical body is so divinely created, it has within it the abilities to heal itself and senses to keep us safe from danger. Primal in all of us, men have a different primal response compared to women. 

 The beneficial results you can expenience is feeling of peace.  A new found way of keeping those flashbacks that come up from disturbing you. 

Janice would like to help with the service she does best. Janice has over 20 years working with clients on numerous experiences. The real healing and recovery comes when the client learns how to use these empowerment healing tools these simple energy and spiritual tools tthemselves. Janice will coach you on how to maintain your energyfield when you get a flashback or something emotional comes up. If you are committed to practice this new view, you will find it is an innate part of you. The recovery to feel whole again and have less episodes will be noticible very quickly.

Many of the services that our brave men and women need to recovery from the Post Traumatic Stress of being or even relationship issues that are common with such a long distance deployment. Janice is happy to work in cooperation with your doctor, counselor, and or mental health professional and partners who would like to support them. It takes a team. If you have a religious belief then remember the stories of Jesus taught that this magic is within you. He said in John 14:12 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater work than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father." Meaning he connects to the spirit of God within him. Spirit or God of any name is part of you, not outside of you. One heartbeat to all that is. 

She is available to those who live out of the area and also out of the comfort of your own home. 

​Janice is no stranger to the military, while she never lived on a base she does have a recently retire US Army fiance' she has been with for 4 years. They will be getting married and making it final in the very near future. 

She feels very happy and lucky to have him. A most unlikely relationship she ever thought she would have. In addition to her own knowledge of how PTSD works. She has made a full recovery of her own after she had it following victim of violence in 1990. 

Janice had her own healing journey of recovery that lead her to where she is today by growing spiritually and her gifts of healing become stronger. She owes her soldier fiance who she is proud of and grateful for helping her at times cope with the long distance and stress of him being deployed and he trust her in when he goes through his PTSD that she can help him help himself.  

Psychic Guidance Visionary Wellness
of the body and relationships
Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring 

Includes integrating various modalities of
for the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Bodies 
Advanced Energy Healing for the Human Body 
Celtic Shaman Healing and Merlin Healing
Angelic Healing
Chakra Clearing and Balancing
Holographic Healing 
Angelic and Usui Reiki
Masculine and Feminine Energy Healing

Janice bio : Janice is an Empowerment and Spiritual Life Coach and Bodywork professional. 

Would you like to trust your intuition and inner voice more?  
Learn new skill to keep you feeling healthy and happy? 
Do you need soul guidance and sacred mentoring to 
confirm your are on the right path and get to next step? 

Enjoy new ways of focusing on daily elements of life, such as goal setting habits and skills. Janice integrates life coaching principals , and her ability to connect with many spiritual beliefs, she honors your own soul's path because she can read it.  By inquiring into your energy and emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing, she is exceptional at helping clients release blockages that keep them from moving forward.  

 Wouldn't you love to understand how to utilize your own intuition skills more and develop the strength and courage that they provide you to open many doors and infinite possibilities?  

 Janice provides guidance to those at a crossroads and will utilize her synergy with the client in utilizing healing modalities to create the change you need.

However, most importantly is to understand that you are the only one who can make the lasting changes in your life. You are and always will be, in control of your own life. You are a co-creator that is the
 truth of the Universal law of our existence.  

Janice shares simple awareness techniques to transform, empower and improve relationships, which improves lives, not only does it empower, it creates positive shifts in every area of their life.  

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can be recorded for you to download and keep if you want.  

Spanish Speaking Clients have worked with Janice successfully with an interpretor and they receive healing benefits.

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