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Janice Sapphire (Melvin) 
Massage Therapy Reiki Arroyo Grande San Luis Obispo
Psychic Guidance Visionary Wellness
of the body and relationships
Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring 

Includes integrating various modalities of
for the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional Bodies 
Advanced Energy Healing for the Human Body 
Celtic Shaman Healing and Merlin Healing
Angelic Healing
Chakra Clearing and Balancing
Holographic Healing 
Angelic and Usui Reiki
Masculine and Feminine Energy Healing

For the Physical Body for cellular level
Therapuetic Massage CAMTC #10229
Bodywork of over ten Modalities like 
Craniosacral Therapy
Myofasical Release
Passive Joint Movement
Sports Massage


Janice bio : Janice is an Empowerment and Spiritual Life Coach and Bodywork professional. She can also provide healing massage and bodywork for those who need physical pain relief and relaxation from stress too. The two can be combined in a transformational session or separate if the physical body is in need more, even though we are body, mind and spirit

Would you like to trust your intuition and inner voice more?  
Learn new skill to keep you feeling healthy and happy? 
Do you need soul guidance and sacred mentoring to 
confirm your are on the right path and get to next step? 

Enjoy new ways of focusing on daily elements of life, such as goal setting habits and skills. Janice integrates life coaching principals , and her ability to connect with many spiritual beliefs, she honors your own soul's path because she can read it. 
By inquiring into your energy and emphasizing emotional and spiritual healing, she is exceptional at helping clients release blockages that keep them from moving forward.  

 Wouldn't you love to understand how to utilize your own intuition skills more and develop the strength and courage that they provide you to open many doors and infinite possibilities?  

 Janice provides guidance to those at a crossroads and will utilize her synergy with the client in utilizing healing modalities to create the change you need.

However, most importantly is to understand that you are the only one who can make the lasting changes in your life. You are and always will be, in control of your own life. You are a co-creator that is the
 truth of the Universal law of our existence.  

Janice shares simple awareness techniques to transform, empower and improve relationships, which improves lives, not only does it empower, it creates positive shifts in every area of their life.  

 Wouldn't you love to have the fun to recognize how much more power and control you have in your life and relationships? 

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 Phone Session are available and can be recorded for you to download and keep.  

Spanish Speaking Clients have worked with Janice successfully with an interpretor and they received healing benefits too. 

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Improve your life and relationship using Energy and Chakra Healing
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