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Divine Well-being Mastery Sessions, classes and workshops, Spiritual Life Coaching, Energy Healing and Chakra balancing with Divine Well-being Wellness Services are not a treatment for any medical or psychological condition or disease.   Please consult a qualified and licensed health care practitioner for treatment of medical or mental health conditions. If you are being treated for a mental health condition please consult your physician before you begin this work. The Divine Well-Being Mastery sessions are for those who agree to take full responsibility for their life in every aspect and healing. By listening to or reading the sessions, you assume full personal responsibility for all changes, effects, and transformations in your life. The Divine Well-Being Mastery is a powerful process for personal / spiritual growth unique to each person. Issues that are ready to be cleared will often move up through the conscious mind as they are being cleared. These issues usually clear in three to five days. All situations created by listening or reading the sessions are the direct result of how you choose to react to the material. 
Janice Sapphire (Melvin) Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, 
Reiki Master, Angelic Guide, Shaman, Priestess, Goddess Wise 
Locals San Luis Obispo, Arroyo Grande, Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Nipomo, Lompoc, Santa Barbara County
Phone: (805) 904-1077 PST   Email Me
Phone sessions and weekend appointments available

Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki, Angel and Mystic with Psychic Guidance, Visionary Wellness, Empowerment and Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Goddess Guide, Shaman/Edgewalker Sessions,  Chakra Clearing and Balance, Spiritual Healing Services in Arroyo Grande, California, of San Luis Obispo County.

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Schedule an appointment today for a 30 Minute interview.  or have questions on Spiritual Life  Coaching which includes Energy Healing tools. 

Contact by email or leave a message by phone - Janice for an 30 minute interview, by zoom, phone or if you live locally arrangements that are in CDC guidelines for Covid19.  She is not seeing anyone in person at this time. only by Zoom or Phone Call sessions. 

Online Webinars, Classes, Workshops, Phone or Email Sessions, Recorded and download personalized phone sessions available.   Arroyo Grande, California 93420  
Phone, zoom or email sessions 

Best to call a 3 or 5 days in advance for appointment.

PST - Pacific Standard Time
First Appointment 11:00 am
Last Appointment: 5:30 PM

Same day appointments are gladly accommodated 
on a space available basis.

Phone: (805) 904-0177 PST or email to:

Please no sales solicitations to me 
by phone or email. 

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September 2021 - Currently, not taking in-person or massage client appointments.  
No longer doing massage until Covid-19 is under control.
Will only be available by Zoom or Phone for Sessions. Contact me if you have questions. ​

Available for Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions
which includes the following 
Healing Energy, Intuitive Readings, 
Chakra Clearings and Balancing 
Specializing in the return to Magic and Love into you Relationships. 
Call 805-904-0177 for appointment or more information
Available by Phone or video zoom, Messenger, or Skype chats can also be arranged  >  contact Janice 
by email or by calling her and please leave a message.  Will respond within 24 to 48 hours.

Videos chats are available and you are welcome to record your session. contact Janice to schedule your appointment and she will talk to you about appointment times and type of online service or phone app to be used and supply you with a phone number to call when the appointment begins with me appointments are available.  
Please email or Call at least 2 to 3 days in advanced.
massage, life enricher, spiritual guidance, goddess,
Janice Sapphire (Melvin) 
Massage Therapy Reiki Arroyo Grande San Luis Obispo
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Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki, Angel and Mystic with Psychic Guidance, 
Visionary Wellness, Empowerment and Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher, Priestess Goddess Guide, Shaman/Edgewalker Sessions,  Chakra Clearing and Balance Guidance, Spiritual Healing Services based in Arroyo Grande, California, of San Luis Obispo County.
Harmony Magic Life Relationship Guidance
"The power is always within you!" 
Transformative & Restorative For Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul

Improve your life and relationship using Energy and Chakra Healing
Alchemy Energy Healing *  * Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching
Chakra Energy Healing Master,  Spirit & Soul Contracts Guide
Call for appointment 805-904-1077 leave a message 
Email: Wellbeingdeva@gmail.com   Twitter: Wellbeingdiva