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Janice Melvin Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching, 
Massage Therapy and Healing Bodywork
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Angelic Healing, Celtic Shamaness
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Massage and Bodywork Services 

If you have physical pain, stress, or would like to boost your immune system, massage and bodywork is one of the best modalities you can experience for your health and wellbeing.

Janice is a California Licensed Certified Massage Therapist #10229, 
has been in practice since 1995, she integrates her energy healing work and bodywork techniques, such as craniosacral therapy,  myofascial release and many others depending on a clients health history and the results requested. 

Janice's intuition has been able to picked up on how people have been hurt in accidents and examples of those would be how the body felt during a car rollover.  She has worked on Military Veterans and felt their experiences when working through fascial tissue during bodywork, feeling how they crouched their body and saw the buildings in front of them, she felt the bullets wiz by her ear as if she was there, she tasted the dirt when the bullet hit the ground, the noise or the silence of the scene.

Janice is highly perceptive and has helped military veterans or others in trauma from accidents by integrating various energy healing modalities while giving a massage.  How does that work?  It was held in the cellular memory of the body.   Her gift to perceive with intuitive touch into these experiences she can apply clearing and healing on multi-levels and balance the bodies posturing that has been distorted as well.

True health and wellness does come from a mindset, belief and thoughts on how a person relates to their environment around them.   
Ask yourself what are you thinking about, what emotions come up, how do you talk to yourself?  

Yes, we do have physical pain too, the body is the last place 
that the dis-ease of something shows up, 
it starts with emotional and mental dis-ease.  
Massage and bodywork is the best modality to help with stress, whether it be emotional or mental.

If you want to request session with Janice Sapphire in person, 
she is available for a Advanced Bodywork and Massage sessions with Visionary Wellness.  Please email Janice.  
She offers some very deep bodywork healing through shaman healing, guided visualization, clearing the energy field and the balancing chakras integrated with basic therapeutic massage modalities 
Sessions are  90 minutes or longer if a full healing
$150 for 90 minutes * $175 for 2 hours. 

Did you know how to stay healthy in your body?
Use Mental Strength Fitness - Train yourself to practice positive and creative visualization of intent.  You can heal your body with Positive mental practices and habits, the body responds to everything you tell it, good and bad.  Might as well tell it something good, right!! 

Office Location
Inside, Intuitive Touch Healing Center
1054 E. Grand Ave, Suite E, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420
Saturday, Sundays, 11 to 4:30 pm 
Tuesday and Thursdays after 4:30 pm 
Call 805-904-0177 VM leave message for best time and day, 

Craniosacral Therapy * Reflexology *  Myofascial Release * 
Swedish *  Sports and Clinical Massage 
* Passive Joint Movement * Stress Relief * Weight Loss 
* Fitness * Wellness * Injury Recovery
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Cranioscral massage pain relief injury recovery
Military support, PTSD for military, Coaching Energy for Military healing, warriors, deployed, US veterans, US Women Veterans,  Special Forces. Chakra clearing, Clear the Trauma
  • Cash and Checks 
  • Payment is required at time of service or prepaid to confirm your appointment. 
  • Tips are appreciated but entirely at your discretion.
  • 24 hour Cancellation policy. 
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Sports Massage,, fitness, welllness  esalen massage
deep itissue, craniosacral tharapy cranialsacral
Janice, is the best massage therapist I have ever had for 
WellBeing Bliss and Deep Relaxation!!  She has healing hands, 
I have never felt such healing power from any other 
massage therapist before!! -- 
TJ. Pismo Beach

1) After receiving a massage you should sit quietly for a while and feel grounded,  Adjusting to the new alignment.  
2) Drink a glass of water and sit and reflect on how you felt during and after any massage or bodywork session. 

3) Continue to drink water for the next several days to help continue to flush the system of the toxins releases during the massage through your elimination.  

4) Sometimes, you will experience, soreness, a change in bowels and feel fatigue if you are releasing toxins that were built up within your system

5) Soak in salt baths for further clearing and cleansing of the toxins
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"Janice is the most talented shaman I have ever encountered. In our sessions she is able to sense my personal "felt" experience as fast as I do, sometimes speaking the words,sensations, or emotions as I feel them. I feel like I am supported and accompanied on a great personal journey by someone powerful, neutral, kind, safe, wise, protective...embodying all the great qualities of a successful healer and soul friend. Although I sense her very much with me during a session, she leaves as soon as our work together is over, never entering my psychic field/experience uninvited. She is trustworthy and honoring without fail. I have a lot of love, respect, admiration, and gratitude for her abilities, as well as for her great heart! She is a pleasure and joy to work with- I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who is willing to grow past prolonged hurts and traps, and find their way to sincere fulfillment in life".
 ~A.P. , Moorpark, CA
Top 10 Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) in Arroyo Grande
Voted 2016’s best Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) in Arroyo Grande for Massage Therapy treatment and services as reviewed by patients.
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Janice Sapphire (Melvin) 
Regular Prices for Massage and Bodywork only
This is a introduction offering to anyone who needs massage and bodywork results for pain relief from injury 
or relaxation and stress relief.  
Below are buttons to find your preferred amount of time and prepay for a session  
 Call 805-901-0177 leave a message or email Janice to schedule your appointment today or 
if you have any questions, please give a 2 to 3 day in advance notice for appointments. 

60 minutes massage regular price $80
60 minute session $85  Massage bodywork only
​for injuries only
90 minutes Massage regular price  $150
90 minute massage session $150 does include some energy healing or injury recovery
90 minutes Phone sessions by phone $297
2 hour massage and healing work only in person. 
Have a question on massage and bodywork? Email or call her today. 
Massage Therapy Reiki Arroyo Grande San Luis Obispo

1054 E.Grand Ave.,#E
Arroyo Grande, CA  93420
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Wellbeing Diva
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Improve your life and relationship using Energy and Chakra Healing
Alchemy Energy Healing * Bodywork * CranioSacral Therapy
Massage Therapy * Intuitive Spiritual Life Coaching
Chakra Energy Healing Master,  Spirit & Soul Contracts Guide
Call for appointment 805-904-1077 leave a message 
Email:   Twitter: Wellbeingdiva

To anyone who has served or is serviing our country in the Armed Forces,  
Janice has Military Special 
for PTSD
Energy Healing and Shaman Healing to help with the recovering of fragments created from trauma and finding peace within.  
Learn the energy tools you can use that are within yourself.
Online Video Sessions are available for the Energy work too.